Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders

We accept purchase orders from government agencies, schools, universities and both public and private corporations but they are all subject to our credit approval and set-up process. 

All first time orders are prepaid up to $25,000. Orders in excess of $25,000 are 50/50 prepaid terms until open credit terms are established. 50/50 terms are:

  • 50% deposit at time of order acceptance
  • 50% when production is complete & order is ready to ship

You may email your orders at [email protected] or by Fax to 888-895-2975. If you are not already set up in our system simply contact us and we will get you the forms and explain the steps. Be sure to specify the exact shipping address with phone and email point of contact.

For open order billing, once you are approved our terms are Net 15 days. Once we enter your order in our system you will be sent an order confirmation.

Questions? Please call us at 888-895-2975